During the Zoom-A-Thon Winston Peters gave Jono and Ben some style tips

It's been a busy time for Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, but he still found time to tune in to Jono and Ben's ZOOMathon.

Peters called in from his seventh-floor office in the Beehive - "the engine room", he joked - to be part of the longest Zoom call ever.

Jono and Ben chatted about his office decor and the view. "You can tell this is his office by the flags."

Jono commented on the map on the wall behind him.

"I am the Foreign Affairs Minister after all," said Peters.

"You don't look like you need a haircut," Jono told him.

"I had this haircut with the kitchen scissors," Peters admitted.

"I've been saving some serious money. This is my second haircut since lockdown."

He also shared some tips about wearing ties - the secret to keeping people's attention on what you are saying is to wear your tie slightly askew.

Why? Because when people have found something about your appearance that's slightly imperfect, they'll stop focusing on what you look like.

"You organise the imperfection yourself," Peters explained.

He revealed that his routine that morning included going over interview notes and ironing his shirts for the week.

Jono admitted "I'd be no good at being a politician, I'm no good at driving arguments."

"You've got to be agile and think fast if somebody throws a barb at you," Peters said. "Some people can do it and some can't."

"What are you gonna do about no handshakes, as a politician that's part of the job," Ben asked.

"Maybe just a thumbs-up," Peters said.

He finished up the call saying it had been a great privilege to be on the call.

"I hope everyone has enjoyed it as much as I have."

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This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.