Sam Wallace reveals the due date of his baby - and we can't wait!

Publish Date
Friday, 12 October 2018, 11:30AM

Sam Wallace will be receiving an extra special gift for Christmas this year …

He revealed that his first child with his partner Sarah Bowman is due to be born on December 23!

How exciting!

Talking about what he learned about induction at his antenatal class, Sam explained how he was taking note of all the tricks to try to make sure his baby doesn’t arrive right on Christmas day.

"Induction, now this is an interesting one for me," Sam told Laura McGoldrick on air.

"Our due date is the 23rd of December and you don’t want to have a Christmas baby."

"No, you want two presents," Laura added.

"Historically it’s always two days late in terms of new mothers," Sam continued.

"So we were listening very carefully during the induction and they came up with some wonderful solutions, very natural solutions."

Sam then went on to describe all the tips for triggering labour …

Good luck to Sam and Sarah, hopefully, they will get their present will arrive a few days before Christmas day.