Should one of THESE names be the one Toni Street gives her baby boy?

Publish Date
Monday, 16 July 2018, 2:30PM

In just four weeks Toni Street’s baby boy is due to be born via surrogate!

Yet, she and husband Matt have been struggling to find the right baby name for their son.

Sarah Gandy noted how Toni had shown an interest in going for more of a traditional moniker, rather than a trendy name that everyone else will be using.

"We know you have a list that you’ve been umming and erring over," Sarah said, "but one of the things you’ve always said is that you said is that you like traditional but you also don’t want it to be a name that everyone has."

"So, I think I have the answer because there is a list of baby names that nobody uses any more, which are quite traditional."

Sarah then ran an intrigued Toni through the list, which included names like Gary, Norman, Barry, Roald and Edgar.

It seems there is a reason these names are going out of fashion because Toni wasn’t exactly convinced.

"None of those," she said, "Howie [Howard] was the best that you came up with there."

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