Watch Sam face his biggest fear: Jumping from a diving board 10m up! Will he do it?

Publish Date
Friday, 9 February 2018, 2:30PM

When he was a young lad Sam became the laughing stock of Moana Pool in Dunedin after chickening out at the top of a diving board.

Today he decided to face the fears that stopped him from taking the plunge 10 years ago, this time at the West Wave Pools in Auckland.

Donning some oh-so-stylish green leaf-patterned speedos, and being cheered on by Sarah and Toni, Sam climbed to the top of the 10-meter diving board.

Before the moment of truth, same got some more encouragement from hypnotherapist Caroline Cranshaw and a few pointers on good technique from Kiwi Olympic Diver, Shaye Boddington.

And then ...


Good on ya Sam!