Why Toni Street got Sam Wallace and Sarah Gandy to KISS!

Publish Date
Monday, 16 July 2018, 12:00PM

There is an unspoken etiquette for greeting and farewelling someone.

Some people shake hands, some give a hug and others kiss on the cheek.

But is kissing a friend on the lips a thing? Apparently for some people it is.

This morning Toni Street tried to demonstrate the scenario by kissing Sam Wallace on the lips!

… It was pretty weird.

Not wanting to be the only one feeling uncomfortable, Toni suggested Sam ought to kiss Sarah Gandy too - to make things even.

… It was VERY weird.

"It’s slightly weirder with Sam because he's like our brother", Toni said after the kiss.

"So weird," Sarah added, "this is NOT the new show greeting, guys!"

So is kissing someone on the lips to say hello or goodbye ever OK?

Callers weighed in saying that if they were to kiss a friend it would be on the cheek and that they saved a peck on the lips for very close family members only.

Do you agree?