Try it Out Tuesday - Estelle gets amongst the Hey Mama Movement

Publish Date
Tuesday, 30 June 2020, 5:19PM

It's the cry of many a parent I'm sure - 'how do I fit in working out now?'

For me it used to be a good long walk or jog with the dog and once the baby came, some added effort to push the pram. But now the baby can move for herself it's hard to convince her to stay in the pram for very long and dog walks have become destination driven on where a playground may be located.

So, it was with much excitement I was gifted a membership to the 'Hey Mama Movement'. 

Online workouts that, just like a zoom meeting, you can invite your friends to do with you! Soooo good.

Yay, I don't have to pack up and get anywhere. There's variety in what class you choose to do AND... you can catch up while working out with your other mama's.

And see their kids too, who in our case decided to join in the pilates workout, cute!

Listen to my chat with founder Dairne Burns above and a try it out vid below.

Also stay tuned to win a 6mth membership for yourself and bestie xo