Try it Out Tuesday - Estelle takes her dog Hogan to the movies

Publish Date
Tuesday, 17 September 2019, 6:02PM

The Top Dog Film Festival was created to screen a collection of fantastic films all featuring man/girls bestfriend - Dogs! 

The festival is touring NZ with stops in Wellington, Tauranga, Christchurch and Auckland.

With a very special Saturday morning screening at Academy Cinemas in Auckland where our beloved pooches were also allowed to come along with us!

I wasn't too sure what to expect in the films themselves or how my Hogan would cope.

Fair to say Hoges reacted how I anticipated he would - a little stressed at the movie environment indoors and concerned where he was supposed to be. We found our own little pozzy and he settled down for the first half, with some of his time spent on my knee (never too big to sit on your Ma's knee!) 

Appreciated the air-con being on full and he also loved soaking up all the attention of the humans, some not actually dog owners themselves but wanted to get amongst them while they could - so cool!

The films were great, from rescue dogs becoming surfers, animated dogs getting haircuts, to one of our most well known working dog trainers, Paul Sorenson, and his passion for what he has spent a life time doing. Loved it.

Check out our vid above and some chat at half time below. Thanks for having us Top Dog Film Fest and Academy Cinemas