Will Johnston

Will Johnston

I'm Will Johnston, your host on The Hits Bay of Plenty 95FM!

I live here because I’m a fan of the beach, no traffic, even less Aucklanders, the opportunities for adventure and the people who don’t take life too seriously!

If that sounds like a bit of you, then you should listen! We’ll play HEAPS of cool music (like none of the boring crappy stuff) during the day.

If work is awesome, I wanna hear about it. If work is TERRIBLE I wanna make fun of it with you! I’m here to help you have a sweet day, no matter what’s going on.

I’ve been here since 2012 and kick myself every day for the 28 previous years of my life that I wasn’t here! I live at the Mt and feel happy every day that I get to actually live where the rest of the country comes for just a holiday!

I have a rabbit. He’s grey and tiny and named Murray. Pets should have human names.

I love procrastinating, sleeping, watching TV, drinking too much wine with dinner (and sometimes lunch) and chatting with people that have an awesome story.

If you’re a fan of radio during the day that’s NOT boring and isn’t full of ads, then we’re gonna have a great relationship!


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