Anika Moa's message about motherhood after giving birth to her baby girl will warm your heart

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Thursday, 28 February 2019, 1:00PM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Anika Moa has shared a heartfelt post about motherhood just 10 days after giving birth to her baby girl.

She and wife Natasha Utting-Moa welcomed their darling daughter Marigold Tui Grace Utting-Moa on February 18 and the Dreams In My Head singer says there are some vital lessons she's learnt in that time.

"I've been a new māmā for 10 days now and here is what I've learnt," she wrote on Instagram alongside an adorable photo of her holding her newborn, revealing that Marigold has inherited her mother’s jet black hair.

"Birth is amazing no matter how you do it," she said. "Rest is essential at every moment - don't clean your house cos you think you should, just get your partner to do it cos they are your support crew.

"The overwhelming love I have for my baby is life changing - nothing will ever feel the same."

The new mother also noted that sleep deprivation and late-night shopping online definitely do not mix.

"Sleep deprivation is pretty nuts but if you go with it, it won't seem so bad," she added. "Don't online shop in the middle of the night - this one is the most important lol."

"You will realise just how f***ing lucky you are to have the friends and family you have. My wife is my best friend and is so tender and caring with us. I love my body even more with every stretch mark, bruise and saggy bit - It's da bomb! More cushion for the pushin'," Anika concluded.

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Meanwhile, Natasha shared a sweeter than sweet post about how "proud" she is of her wife.

"PDA alert! I'm proud of this woman. She's tender, attentive, devoted to our little Marigold. Healing, exhausted but doing an amazing job."

We love it!