Apparently this 'Married At First Sight' groom is an actor...

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Wednesday, 14 March 2018, 3:54PM

The further we get into this season of 'Married At First Sight' Australia, the more scandal comes out around the grooms and brides.

But there's one groom who has stood out from the start...

We're talking about the unusual character that is Troy.

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Since the day the reality series started, his outlandish behaviour has led many fans to believe he's a paid actor.

And now, it seems, the 35-year-old's wife Ashley has confirmed the rumours.

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One MAFS fan was lucky enough to bump into Ashley on a recent Virgin Australia flight.

After taking a selfie with the blonde beauty, Pennie Looker asked the TV bride a few questions about the show.

Ashley allegedly told Pennie her on-screen husband was "selected from an agency" and that producers told her to stay on because he made for good TV.

"She was really friendly and happy to do photos and answer sooo many questions by so many people," Pennie revealed.

"She said Troy didn’t apply for the show but was selected via an agency."

"Ashley said they weren’t going to get rid of a main ‘character’ early, so she had to play the game."

"She was beautiful to talk to, super helpful and stunning in person."

And so the plot thickens...