Jennifer Lopez’s iconic green Versace dress made into sneakers to celebrate her 50th birthday

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Photo / Getty

There have been some truly stunning gowns that have graced celebrity red carpets.

But arguably one of the most iconic looks was the gorgeously racy Versace dress Jennifer Lopez wore at the Grammys in 2000.

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The sheer palm-print number featured a neckline so plunging that it dropped below the pop star’s belly button and instantly made history.

Now 19 years on, to celebrate JLo’s 50th birthday Versace teamed up with clothing label Concepts to release a limited-edition sneaker featuring the exact same print as the beautiful green chiffon gown.

(That’s right, the Hustlers star is 50-years-old today and we can hardly believe it!)

The luxury brand’s shoe – which is available to purchase on the Concepts website - will set you back a cool $1593 (£859).

Discussing her biggest fashion moments in a YouTube video earlier this year, Jennifer revealed that wearing the iconic dress was actually a last-minute choice.

"I was nominated for a Grammy that night and I was filming The Wedding Planner at the time with Matthew McConaughey and I was out in the middle of nowhere where we did the horseback riding scene and my stylist comes in and she’s like, 'The Grammys are tomorrow'," Jennifer explained.

"I had no time to do a fitting and she brings like three of four dresses, she was like, 'There’s nothing out there, you guys waited too long, I’ve been trying to do a fitting with you for weeks'.

"So on the day of the Grammys I’m getting ready, I’m doing hair and make-up. Usually, if you come to a fitting of mine, there’s, like, tons of dresses. There’s always so many choices.

"But this day, we really had a choice between two dresses. One was kind of like a white dress, and the other was the Versace jungle-print dress."

We definitely think she made the right choice!