Justin Bieber Bawls His Eyes Out At The MTV VMAs

Justin Bieber's comeback performance at the MTV VMAs got a little bit emotional at the end.

The 21-year-old singer was at the awards ceremony to perform a medley of his two latest singles, his collaboration with Jack U Where Are Ü Now and his recent solo single What Do You Mean?

Towards the end of the performance, a voiceover from Bieber reflected that "life is a journey" and "when you fall it allows you to get up".

He then flew high above the stage and thanked the crowd.

Then, as he came back down to earth, Bieber started sobbing visibly with his hands over his face.

Bieber last performed at the VMAs in 2010 and this years' show was seen as a comeback opportunity for the young singer, whose last few years have been somewhat tumultuous.

Source- NZ Herald