Kate Middleton has revealed the name her children call the Queen - and it's super cute!

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Friday, 5 April 2019, 4:01PM

For commoners like us, the Queen would be greeted with names such as 'Your Highness' or 'Your Majesty,' but for her grandchildren, it's a completely different story.

Roughly thirty years ago, little Prince William reportedly took a fall in Buckingham Palace, and in pain, cried out for 'Gary'.

This obviously took staff by surprise.

Who was Gary?

Gary turned out to be what William called his grandmother, unable to pronounce 'Granny'. 

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Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, however, do not call her granny...or Gary.

Instead, they refer to her as 'Gan-Gan.'

How cute!

Apparently these names date back to Queen Elizabeth herself, who called her Grandmother, Granny, and her Great Grandmother, Gan-Gan.

Gotta love those family traditions!