Married At First Sight NZ: First look at the new singles looking for love

Publish Date
Monday, 17 September 2018, 10:30AM

Twelve new singles are about to make the biggest decision of their lives – getting married to someone they’ve never met.

The first look at the new brides and grooms of Married At First Sight NZ has been unveiled, but which of them will find lasting love?

After facing criticism last year for miss-matching couples, the love experts have apparently taken more care this year to pair up couples who actually like each other.

Also, the show has made the marriage ceremonies non-official, as opposed to last year where they were legally binding, which resulted in a lot of issues when three out of the four couples decided to split instead of stay together.

Our fingers are crossed for this year’s hopeful romantics.

Meet the new MAFS NZ contestants here:

Ksenia Smorodinova, 33

A Russian-born sales manager from Auckland.

Dave McClelland, 44

An entrepreneur from Dunedin.

Julia Malley, 32

An account manager from Canterbury.

Dan McLaughlan, 30

An electrician from Wellington.

Yuki Sato, 31

A Japanese-born hairdresser and business owner from Christchurch.

Tayler Morgan, 29

An industrial electrician apprentice from Christchurch.

Ottie Schwartz, 32

From Christchurch.

Gareth Noble, 26

A South African-born apprentice barber from Cromwell.

Monique Lee, 25

A Jewish teacher from Christchurch.

Wayne McIntosh, 32

A helicopter engineer from Taranaki.

Fraser Pearce, 27

A policy analyst based in Wellington.

Samuel Levi, 25

A fashion content producer and small business owner based in Auckland.