Olivia Newton-John opens up on secret cancer treatment: 'I didn't want people to know'

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Wednesday, 13 March 2019, 2:00PM
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Olivia Newton-John went "undercover" to receive cancer treatment.

The Grease star checked herself into her own facility, the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre last year after her cancer returned and a tumour formed in her lower spine and whilst she was learning to walk again due to her fractured pelvis, which was caused by the tumour, she would wear a disguise.

She said: "Nobody knew I was there, so I was an undercover boss in the hospital - on purpose. I didn't want people to know because I didn't want it to be out there in the public that I was in the hospital. I was learning how to walk again. I was using a walker, so I'd wear a beanie and glasses and masks, so no one would know who I was."

This is the third time Olivia has battled cancer but if there is one thing her ongoing health battles have taught her is that "every day is a gift".

She added to Entertainment Tonight: "Every day's a gift anyway. We don't really know how long our life is, so every day is an extra bonus for me and I'm very grateful and I intend to be here for a long time. I have much to do, still, and I'm enjoying my life."

Olivia previously insisted she refuses to be another cancer "statistic".

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She said: "I think that can be really depressing, and I'm not going to be one of those statistics. I'm going to be fine. I think you can live with cancer like you can live with other things if you take care of yourself.

"I think it taught me I'm stronger than I thought I was. Because even though you have a team around you and people are helping you, really in the end, it's up to you. Believe you can do it and to go through it.”

- Bang! Showbiz