Outrageous Fortune star Antonia Prebble gives birth to a 'beautiful boy'

Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

New Zealand actress Antonia Prebble has given birth to a "beautiful boy".

The Westside matriarch announced the arrival of her newborn baby boy on Instagram, posting:

"Dan and I are so delighted to share that our beautiful boy is now with us in the world.

"Freddie John Musgrove was born just over a week ago and is adjusting really well to his new digs outside my belly - and Dan and I are completely besotted," she wrote.

The post is accompanied by a photo of the little one's hand grasping at a finger and has so far received more than 6600 likes from Instagram fans.

Prebble, best known for her role as Outrageous Fortune's Loretta West, now plays the lead role of Rita West in Westside, a prequel to Outrageous Fortune.

She is engaged to fiance Dan Musgrove, who plays Lefty Munroe on the show.

The couple also used social media to announce their engagement in July last year.

Prebble worked right up into the last weeks of her pregnancy and spent shoots covering up her own burgeoning baby bump. This meant the costume department had to produce innovative ways to mask the pregnancy.

This article was originally published on NZ Herald and is reproduced here with permission.