Prince Louis’ birth certificate has one major difference to his siblings’ one - and it's for a bizarre reason!

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Friday, 4 May 2018, 2:07PM

Ever since Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton welcomed their third child, the world has been fixated on Prince Louis.

The latest fascination?

The fact his birth certificate has one major difference to the ones his siblings have.

Can you spot the different?

Prince Louis' birth certificate

Princess Charlotte's birth certificate

Prince George's birth certificate

If you guessed the difference is the text on Louis’ birth certificate was typed, while Prince George and Princess Charlotte‘s was handwritten - you're correct!

So, why was the royal tot's one typed?

The reason for this is totally bizarre!

According to reports the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge opted for a typed certificate because the “messy handwriting” on Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s certificate led to a public outcry.

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Former Westminster deputy registrar Alison Cathcart told the Daily Mail at the time that she received death threats over her handwriting.

While she says it was the highlight of her career, Cathcart said having an audience with a sleep-deprived Prince William led to some very nervous form-filling.

"I got death threats," she says glumly.

"One person said their cat had better handwriting, someone called for me to be fired and someone even said I was illiterate."

Now that is crazy!