This is what the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle's royal coat of arms looks like

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Monday, 28 May 2018, 7:20AM
Photo / Getty

Photo / Getty

A coat of arms has been created for Meghan Markle featuring California's state flower, a songbird and a blue background to represent the Pacific Ocean.

California-born and raised Meghan, now the Duchess of Sussex, joined Britain's royal family when she married Prince Harry last Saturday.

The design was approved by the Queen and Thomas Woodcock, the senior herald in England based at London's College of Arms.

Two golden rays symbolise California's sunshine and three quills represent communication and the power of words.

Beneath the shield are Californian golden poppies and wintersweet, which grows at Kensington Palace where she now lives. Meghan is said to have worked closely with the college during the design process.

This article was first published on NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.