10 things that you shouldn't do at a wedding as they are considered bad luck

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Thursday, 8 June 2017, 4:00PM
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1. Getting married on a Saturday

It's the most popular day of the week to say "I do", but according to English folklore, this day will subject a couple to a life of bad luck and misfortune. Getting married on a Saturday that is a 13th will increase your chances of this as well.

2. Dropping a ring during the ceremony

If you drop the ring, you're gonna die! It probably won't play out like that exactly, but folklore is folklore!

3. Using your married name before the wedding

You might think that you're cool using it, but if you want to avoid that life of misfortune, it's best to wait until the big day.

4. Receiving knives for a gift

It may be a very practical gift, but as the rules state, these things cut things in two. Like marriages.

5. Being gifted a clock

In mandarin, clock means "the end", so unless you've got the divorce papers filed. this one would be a skipper.

6. Seeing the bride before the ceremony

This one is as old as the hills, it is because back in the day the only reason that you should've seen each other on the day was because of a last minute decision. Following?

7. Have yellow roses

Apparently these bad boys are considered as the jealous rose - read into that what you want.

8. Wearing pearls

Even though your "borrowed" piece may be your grandmother's amazing pearls, it might be wise to give them a miss, as they represent heartache.

9. Creating your own dress

In this day and age, making things yourself is considered "hip", but according to the 'lore, each stitch that you sew will be a tear that you shed in the marriage.

10. Seeing a monk or a nun

It is said that if you come across either of these religious figures on the way to the ceremony, the woman, or women, will be cursed with a barren life.