Apparently we have been eating chocolate Digestives biscuits wrong this whole time

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Thursday, 22 November 2018, 10:30AM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Who knew something so simple could divide so many?!

Chocolate covered Digestives biscuits are a tasty treat, especially when paired with a nice cup of tea, but it seems that a lot of us have been eating them incorrectly.

The debate sparked after Twitter user Amna asked for people to confirm that they eat the biscuits chocolate side down.

"Help me settle something - when you eat a digestive chocolate biscuit you eat it with the chocolate face down, right? So you can enjoy maximum chocolate. Yes?" she asked.

While her logic is sound, many disagreed saying that the cookies should be eaten chocolate side up as to avoid getting melted chocolate all over your thumb.

"I never considered myself to be a fastidiously neat person, but the prospect of holding a chocolate digestive chocolate-side down, and getting my thumb all smudgy? It’s honestly made me go a bit cold," one Twitter user replied.

"Incorrect. They are eaten balanced on one thumb, biscuit down, so you can turn pages chocolate free, and so that you can feel satisfied with your ability to change thumb position in ways that counter-balance the biscuit with every bite," another added.

However, it turns out that Amna was right all along. Digestives were made to be eaten chocolate side down.

The makers of the tasty morsels, McVities, even confirmed it themselves writing, "Our Digestives run through a chocolate reservoir so the chocolate is on the bottom!"

We’re assuming the same would be true for New Zealand’s version of Digestives from Griffin’s.

Which way do you eat this chocolate coated snack?