Are these the worst marriage proposals EVER?

Popping the question is certainly a nerve-wracking business, and you can sympathise with anyone feeling the pressure to ensure it's a perfectly magical moment.

But no matter how glittering the diamond or how long anticipated the proposal, some brides could surely not help feeling let down by efforts such as dropping to one knee in the supermarket, or popping the ring on a friend onion.

According to the Daily Mail, people have been sharing their examples of the worst proposal ideas online, which are as hilarious as they are tragic - although sadly not for those on the receiving end.

One woman may well have been left red-faced after her partner plastered photos of her in her underwear all over a billboard in order to state his intentions.

And one man recounted a touching tale of how he pretended to produce the ring from a rather intimate part of his wife's body during an examination (he was her gynaecologist).

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.