Are you opening Easter eggs wrong? Master chocolatier shares her secret

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Easter eggs aren't exactly hard to open but now an expert has revealed that there is a correct way to crack into these chocolate treats - and it may not be how you're doing it.

Chocolatier Kiri Kalenko has revealed that a professional will always smash open an Easter onto a clean, hard surface, she told Good Housekeeping.

But if you don't want to make a mess, she has shared an insider secret for the best way to crack open a chocolate egg.

According to the Daily Mail, the key is opening it at its weakest point: on the side.

Kiri, who is head chocolatier at Hotel Chocolat, reveals that she prefers the "smash-and-grab" technique when opening an Easter egg.

"We have big marble slabs in our Inventing Room which are perfect for smashing Easter Eggs on. That's definitely our method!"

However, this method can be quite messy, with the potential for leaving chocolate shards all over your kitchen.

The other technique she recommends is tapping the egg onto a table or surface gently so it breaks. But she says it's best to tap the egg on its side - not at the top.

"Smash it on the side of the egg, as its weakest point," Kiri revealed. "The harder you tap it, the easier it will break."

When it comes to storing your Easter egg in between bites, Kiri says that it's best to keep the egg wrapped in its original foil, rather than just inside the box or in a plastic container.

"It's best to wrap it back up in the foil; it will keep its freshness," she said.

"I wouldn't store it in the cardboard box without foil. Remember, if the box isn't 'food grade' material it may taint the chocolate."

Kiri also warns chocolate fans that you should never keep your treat in the fridge.

She added: "It's much better served at room temperature as it instantly melts in your mouth, flooding your taste buds with all those rich flavours."

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.