Botched microblading procedure leaves woman 'devastated' with FOUR eyebrows

Thick, dark eyebrows are all the rage in the beauty world - but one woman's quest for bushy brows ended in disaster when a beautician left her with FOUR arches above her eyes.

Jami Ledbetter, from Missouri, underwent microblading - a beauty technique that involves tattooing someone's eyebrows - after being given a US$250 Groupon voucher from her daughter.

The 42-year-old said she was overjoyed at the prospect of finally having full eyebrows after being born without them.

Photo / ABC7 Chicago

But she was left with botched inkings that looked completely unnatural.

"I would never wish this on my worst enemy," the distraught mum-of-three said.

"What it’s done to my self-confidence, it’s been hard."

"I was devastated," she added.

Photo / ABC7 Chicago

Ledbetter is now having the inkings removed by licensed and insured tattoo artist, Kara Gutierrez.

Gutierrez has been using a pigment lightening solution on Ledbetter’s brows, which creates scabs where the brows have been tattooed on, and pulls the dark ink out.

She has been having treatment at eight-week intervals and faces up to three more treatments – costing a total of US$1,000 dollars – before her bad brows are gone for good.

The lesson in all of this? Remember to do your research before getting cosmetic procedures, like microblading, done!