Bride's quirky engagement ring gets shamed online for looking 'like a noose'

Photo / Getty, Facebook

Photo / Getty, Facebook

A bride uploaded a photo on Facebook of the engagement ring her ex-husband gave to her - now wedding shamers are having a field day.

The now ex-bride uploaded the photo of the silver rope ring onto the Facebook group That's it, I'm ring shaming.

Photo / Facebook

"This was my first engagement ring to my terrible ex," she revealed.

"I was 18 and he asked me to marry him in the barracks, didn't even do the knee thing, then took me to the jewellery store and told me to pick out a ring."

"I thought US$250 was a lot of money for a ring back then, and I loved the story behind the 'Everton knot diamond'."

Photo / Facebook

"Fast forward 10 years, we split up 6 years ago. I figured, why do I still have this dumb thing today and tried to 'trade it in' for something cheap at a couple of pawnshops."

"Turns out this s***y ring is just as worthless as my ex-husband because despite the diamond being real, it's too small to matter and the metal is silver."

Photo / Facebook

"Shame, shame, shame. My 18-year-old self for bad taste and my 28-year-old self for thinking it could be worth (USD) $30," she posted on Facebook.

Since the women's post, numerous group members have thoroughly enjoyed shaming the ring.

"Those knot rings always reminded me of a vagina," one wrote.

Photo / Facebook

"Looks like a noose lol", one group member commented.

"He was tying you down!" another joked.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.