Brides-to-be reveal the painful moment they lost their engagement rings

An engagement ring is supposed to be a priceless symbol of love, no matter what the cost.

Now brides-to-be who have experienced the panic of losing that special piece of jewellery have shared the desperate lengths they went to on realising their ring was gone, the Daily Mail reports.

Taking to Whisper, one woman revealed she was so scared about telling her fiancé she'd lost the ring that she went out and bought a new one, while another was having sleepless nights over a family heirloom that had gone missing.

An innovative bride-to-be revealed she'd taken to wearing a plastic bread tie around her finger while she waited for her fiancé to replace her lost diamond.  

And another woman was devastated when she discovered her best friend had stolen her jewellery including her engagement ring, when she found a receipt for a pawn shop at her house. 

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.