Cast of 'The Office' reunite for John Krasinski's adorable Zoom Wedding video

John Krasinski, or probably better known as Jim Halpert from The Office has been hard at work, creating quality content for his Youtube channel SomeGoodNews whilst being in lockdown.

In a recent episode of SGN John chatted to engaged couple John and Susan who submitted their proposal video to the channel.

Showcasing their love for The Office, but most importantly each other, the video shows John proposing to Susan at a petrol station, in true Jim and Pam fashion.

The couple even went as far as inviting Krasinski to their wedding, in which he agreed - If the wedding was to be had on the spot and on his Youtube channel.

The License To Wed actor then invited Susan and John's family to be apart of the zoom call, and even presented them with a virtual marriage certificate. Jenna Fischer, or Pam, even joined the call as Susan's maid of honour.

At that point, the rest of The Office joins in, including Steve Carrell and Mindy Kaling, to recreate the iconic dance scene from Jim and Pam's wedding in Season 6.

The wedding has now been viewed over 3.5 million times!

You can watch the entire episode of SGN below, or skip directly to the wedding which starts at the 7:17 mark of the clip.

Warning, you may need a tissue or two handy!