Emirates are recruiting for flight attendants – but the rules about how you must look are VERY strict!

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Tuesday, 26 June 2018, 1:24PM

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a flight attendant - now's your chance!

That's right, Emirates are hiring staff to be based in Dubai... but before you think of applying, you'll need to meet a very strict criteria in regards to appearance.

According to the website, the airline says cabin crew need to be at least 21 years of age and can't have any visible tattoos - nor can they cover up existing ones with bandages.

Candidates will need to be at least 1.6m tall, have an arm reach of 2.12m while standing on tiptoes (to reach up to overhead lockers) and be fluent in English.

They must also be physically fit and have a ''healthy'' body mass index.

Meet these requirements?

The company also has strict guidelines for applying.

Women will need to include a set of photos in their application - with at least one full length snap.

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In the pictures, applicants must show a “big happy smile" and be wearing either business attire with a “closed fitted jacket,” knee length skirts, nude stockings, and closed toe heels, or “smart casual wear” like jeans and a plain t-shirt with closed toe heels. 

As for men?

The rules are strict for them too. They must wear business attire with a closed jacket, shirt, and tie or go casual with jeans, a plain t-shirt, and closed shoes.

Men are also expected to be clean shaven, have short hair styled with minimal products and have no visible piercings.

Grooming guidelines state that women must have their hair tied neatly back in a professional bun and wear a full face of make-up - but no lip gloss.

The photos must be taken in good lighting to avoid shadows.

The monthly salary starts at about NZ$3770. Benefits include 30 days of vacation, free uniform dry cleaning, free transportation to and from work, and getting the chance to travel the world.

You’ll also get free accommodation in Dubai, shared with either one or two other colleagues.

While flying, all accommodation and meal costs are covered.