Forget beer pong! Prosecco pong is now a thing and it is genius!

Publish Date
Monday, 31 July 2017, 10:15AM

Love beer pong, but hate beer?

Have we got the solution for you!

Enter, Prosecco Pong...

UK company Turning Tables has just released a fancy version of the university game beer pong, which sees players get rewarded with glasses of bubbly instead of stout.

The 'Prosecco Pong' kit includes 12 plastic wide-necked prosecco glasses (let's be honest, no one wants to play with skinny glass flutes) and three plastic pink balls - everything except, unfortunately, a free bottle of bubbly. 

The aim of the game is exactly the same.

You have to successfully bounce a ping pong ball across a table into a cup of prosecco, to force your opponent to drink it, until one team has no glasses left.

We know, it’s genius!