Genius five-step trick to removing stains from Tupperware goes viral

Ever regretted packaging up turmeric-laced curry in a plastic container? Or found yourself bewildered as to how to remove that residual red rim of pasta sauce from your lunchbox?

Popular Instagram account "Blossom" promotes tips and tricks for cleaning and its latest advice may just be the ultimate hack for removing food stains from your Tupperware for good.

Based in the US with 3.9 million followers, Blossom shares interesting methods for turning regular household items into miraculous cleaning products. And it's gone viral with its latest recommendation: how to get stains out of lunchbox containers.

Via a video, Blossom's 5-step-guide to squeaky clean Tupperware gained nearly 650,000 views in just 24 hours and is currently at 900,000 views.

It begins with a lunch box left foggy and stained after being washed in a dishwasher.

The cleaning "genius" adds a heaped scoop of sugar, followed by a squeeze of dish soap on top.

Then they add six ice cubes and allow them to melt.

Next, they add a glass of water, allowing the mixture to bubble up before leaving it again to sit.

After 10 minutes the mix can be poured out, and the container is revealed as stain free, looking as good as new.

Followers praised the video, with one Instagram user commenting: "You just solved a problem so many households have!"

And another wrote: "This is so great for busy parents, thanks for sharing!"

The Daily Mail explains the science behind the hack as enzymes in the sugar destroying the stains and soaking up the grease, while the ice cubes simultaneously break down the stain.

Blossom is known for promoting the use of environmentally friendly, natural household products for cleaning as a cheaper alternative.

This article was originally published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.