How a meme completely destroyed a mother's baby name pick ...

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An expectant mum has been ridiculed by her family for choosing to name her baby "Karen".

Stephanie, the mum-to-be, was seemingly unaware that Karen is commonly used in internet culture, as a popular "Can I speak to the manager" meme.

"When Stephanie was out of the room, everyone was immediately like, 'that poor kid' and 'why would she pick Karen of all names?" Stephanie's cousin admitted on Reddit thread "Am I The A**hole?"

The cousin went on to say she had decided to explain the joke behind the name to Stephanie, and that she showed her some of the memes.

"I started to explain to her that Karen has some negative connotations and has become a sort of internet joke to describe a very specific kind of entitled middle-aged woman," she added.

According to the cousin, Stephanie reacted terribly to the news and was "furious".

"I wasn't trying to tell Stephanie not to name her daughter Karen, I just wanted her to make an informed decision," she wrote. "I'd want someone to do the same for me."

Over 300 people responded to the thread, with many slamming the cousin for being "insensitive."

"You are definitely the a**hole," wrote one.

"You really think it's still going to matter when this kid grows up? It's a meme."

Some readers, however, agreed that it was a terrible choice.

"To be fair to you, Karen is a pretty crappy name."

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.