Kiwi director Taika Waititi abruptly ends interview after wedding question

Many viewers were left cringing after New Zealand director and actor Taika Waititi made an abrupt end to an awkward interview earlier today.

The 46-year-old star sat down with Chris Evans to discuss their new film Lightyear on ITV's This Morning and while the interview was mostly lighthearted, there was one question that upset the popular director.

The Sun has reported co-hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby giggled through the interview while Waititi complained and fiddled with a loose earpiece.

As the interview drew to an end, Schofield said, "Well, we've congratulated Chris on his birthday... so Taika are there wedding bells?"

Waititi responded, "You can congratulate me! It's in August! Let's talk about my birthday!"

The Kiwi director appeared to be annoyed as he added, "What? Sorry, you're breaking up," and proceeded to pull out his earpiece and throw it away. "Nope, gone!"

Chris Evans laughed while Taika Waititi threw away his earpiece. Photo / ITV
Photo / ITV

Evans slapped Waititi's chest through laughter, while Waititi looked fed up and resorted to giving a thumbs up with a silly face.

Schofield replied, "Shall I not ask about Rita?" while Willoughby said, "I think he can't hear us!"

"Regardless, she's gorgeous, we love her here, she's always a great guest and congratulations!" Schofield said as Evans and Waititi saluted them before being pulled off the air.

While many fans found the interview hilarious others noticed the abrupt end and quickly took to Twitter to share their thoughts, One person posted, "Wow that whole interview was awks #ThisMorning."

While another said, "This Lightyear interview on This Morning is so awkward with Taika Waititi and Chris Evans, never seen two people so bored."

One fan joked: "Are these two actors being held at gunpoint to do this interview? Blink twice if you're there against your will #ThisMorning."

The filmmaker is hoping to wrap up work and tie the knot as soon as possible. Photo / Instagram @ritaora
Photo / Instagram

It comes after the Daily Mail reported last week that Waititi and Ora are engaged and planning a "low-key, intimate ceremony" somewhere abroad before throwing a bigger bash in London with all their A-lister friends later this year.

Although the British singer is currently working on several movies as well as The Voice Australia, and the New Zealand filmmaker is in the planning phase of multiple blockbusters, the couple is said to be hoping to wrap up work and tie the knot as soon as possible.

A friend of the pair told the Sun, "This isn't about them doing a big showy thing and crowing about it beforehand. It's just about them being in love and deciding the time is right to formalise their relationship. They couldn't be happier."

Waititi and Ora have yet to comment on the rumours.

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.