Kiwi parents say they back the idea of child-free restaurants in New Zealand

Publish Date
Monday, 15 October 2018, 10:00AM

It’s a controversial topic, but it seems Kiwi parents could be all for the idea of having some New Zealand restaurants be child-free establishments.

Last week, Stace and Flynny debated with Producer MU over whether it could a good idea to have fancier restaurants be a no-go zone for kids and while they were divided, many mums said that they thought it was a great idea.

62 per cent of those who voted said they thought that having an escape from their little angels was an excellent suggestion, especially if they themselves had paid for a babysitter for their night out.

"Yes!" one commenter wrote on Facebook, "If I’m going out to get away from my kids I don’t want someone else’s p***ing me off.

"There are places like Lone Star and Cobb and Co if you want to take your kids."

"S**t yes!" another agreed, "I’ve got five kids I’d like to get away from once in a while."

"Yip … as a mum I like my kid-free time out," another parent wrote.

Another added that there was "nothing wrong with variety".

"There are child-friendly options, why not ones without? I don’t think there should be a mass number of them, but a few wouldn’t hurt.

"As a parent, if my husband and I do go out alone I would like it to be nice and quiet. When we go out with the kids we select places more child-friendly."

There we have it! It sounds like there could be a good business idea in there for restaurateurs.