Man proposes to girlfriend IN HIS SLEEP after taking sleeping pills ...

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A wedding proposal is generally one of the most memorable and well thought out moments of a person's life.

You choose the perfect ring, the right moment and set a romantic scene for your monumental occasion.

So it's hard to fathom how a person could pop the question to the love of their life and not remember it at all.

Well, that's exactly what happened to one unfortunate Reddit user, who got down on one knee after taking some strong sleeping pills.

He shared his story on the subreddit: "Dear Reddit, Today I F**ked Up".

"I want to start off with saying that AMBIEN is the strongest drug/hallucinogen I've ever tried and you should not f*** with it.

"Anyways, one night I just couldn't sleep, so I decided to take four 10mg Ambiens (I'm an idiot) and I had an engagement ring in my drawer that I traded for some other jewellery because I buy and sell stuff on Craigslist," he explains.

"Long story short - I woke up and she was wearing the ring on her finger and had to explain what had happened and I was just shook because I couldn't remember sh*t."

"I go on my Facebook and apparently my Ambien-drugged brain changed my relationship status to 'engaged' and it got 150+likes before I f****n saw it. I had not planned on being engaged with my girlfriend for another year and a half and probably would've gotten her a better ring but Ambien sped up the process ten folds."

He then went on to share a warning with anyone who might be keen to dabble in the habit of taking strong sleeping pills.

"Warning: if it's 3am, and you can't sleep. DO NOT TAKE AMBIEN."

After reading others' comments about the sleeping pills, the sleepy proposer swore never take the drug again.

"I read the comments and I really appreciate the health concerns. So much so that I'm never going to take them again and look for an alternative option for my insomnia. You guys are the best TBH.

"Apparently taking ONE of these a day is worse on your body than smoking A PACK A DAY. DEFINITELY NOT TOUCHING THEM AGAIN."

This article first appeared on the NZ Herald and is reproduced here with permission.