Mum reveals dishwasher life hack using tin foil and we so want to try it

An Aussie mum has revealed the bizarre dishwasher hack which she claims will leave your cutlery looking sparkling clean, even with the most stubborn stains.

Carolina Mccauley from Perth took to TikTok to share the clever trick, which works like magic but is grounded in science.

Insisting that "this dishwasher hack will leave your silverware sparkling", the video shows how Mccauley uses a common household item to achieve amazing results.

"Take some tinfoil, roll into a ball, place in your dishwasher, wash as usual," the video claims.

The reason the trick works is due to a chemical reaction that occurs between the dishwasher tablet and the foil itself.

The foil doesn't act to clean the cutlery at all, but as the tablet dissolves it reacts with the tinfoil and supercharges your wash.

A similar trick has gone viral in the past for cleaning troublesome oven trays.

That hack suggests filling your bath with hot water, before dropping in your oven tray, a sheet of foil, and a dishwasher tablet.

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.