Parents share the hilariously perfect pranks they played on their kids

Children are supposed to be the naughty ones, with parents constantly working to keep them from misbehaving.

But some mothers and fathers just can't resist the opportunity for a role reversal, taking any chance they get to play pranks on their long-suffering children. 

Scottish stand-up comedian Joe Heenan, for instance, has become well known for his jokes about playing tricks on his youngsters, including waking them up with buttons over his eyes. 

It might not have been so terrifying, only they had watched the film Coraline, in which sinister creatures have buttons for eyes.

Elsewhere, parents reacted to their child's concerned text about an axe murderer in the area by sending a selfie with a knife-wielding figure lurking in the background. 

And a dad attempted tough love by leaving a note for his offspring to tell them that a unicorn dies every time they don't eat their lunch.

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.