People are going nuts over this BIZARRE and hilarious new way to eat avocado ...

You know when spreading avocado on toast is just too hard? Me neither. But thousands of millennials around the world are so intrigued by a possible solution to the problem that they've rushed online to check out the latest viral food hack.

Avocado on a stick promises that avo-fans can make their favourite snack "faster than ever at home or on the go...on a stick!"

Looking like a roll-on deodorant, the product was launched on social media last month to a huge response.

One Facebook user wrote: "I need this in my life!", while on Instagram a woman wrote that she "legit just spent 10 min looking for where to buy this".

Another man was excited, if a little confused, by the novel product: "As someone who uses avocados as a deodorant, I am SO EXCITED about this!!!!!"

The comment threads were dominated by the naysayers, the avocadon'ts, with one writing: "That grossed me out, I don't wanna be eating from the deodorant dispenser, no thank you!"

Amateur botanists were quick to point out that nature already has this covered: "Genius, pity avocados don't already come in something that could store the edible inner" wrote one man.

Fears for the environment were at the fore, as many were concerned about the unnecessary use of plastic, with one woman stating that anyone buying the product would be "wasting more money on harmful plastic when you could just buy an avocado like normal people".

A few mentioned the very real danger that stickless avocado presents - avocado hand.

Injuries involving avocados in NZ over the past three years have resulted in ACC payouts of just over $800,000.

Last year alone, 428 people managed to injure themselves while preparing an avocado, up from 402 in 2017 and 374 in 2016.

Unfortunately for us all, the Avocado on a stick is a joke invention from Unnecessary Inventions creator Matt Benedetto.

Benedetto has a large social media following from similar inventions, which he creates for his own amusement.

"They are all made for fun at this point," he told, "I have my unnecessary bookcase at my office where each invention goes to retire.

"My mind somehow just operates that way and I am always coming up with new ideas to create."

Whether this product remains in the realm of fiction or not, one online commenter was standing firm on the fleshy fruit: "Avocado tastes like moist air".

There's no pleasing some people.

This article was first published on NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.