The bizarre new beauty trend everyone is doing

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Friday, 24 February 2017, 1:43PM

Like so many things in life - we always want what we don't have.

And this new beauty treatment is proof of that!

Freckle tattooing is a similar process to the popular eyebrow/eyeliner trend, involving subtle pigments meant to add a natural-looking accent to the face.

The semi-permanent process has seen plenty of people make their freckled dreams come true, whether it be just with a few faint flecks, or a full face of faux spots.

The technique can also help people who love their natural freckles to give them a bit more pop.

Fans of the technique have been taking to Instagram to show off their new freckles.

Heavier freckle pattern for this beauty! #freckletattoos #mmsouthern #mosouthern

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Once tattooed, the freckles will last up to two years, fading slowly over time.