The new nail art trend we are really NOT sure about...

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Thursday, 24 August 2017, 3:46PM

WARNING: Content may offend.


We've all seen plenty of bizarre nail art trends come and go (remember succulent nails?), but things have just been taken to the next level.

Someone has created 'vagina' nails.

And the internet is in a major debate about it.

Portland-based artist Asa Bree came up with the rather unusual look - which took 2 hours to finish - with an aim to support and empower women.

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Be it women’s rights, acceptance, or self-love, Asa wanted to send a message through art.

Fans of the trend have called the look "f***ing amazing", "impressive", and "beautiful".

While others think it's "horrible", "vulgar" and "disgusting".

What are your thoughts?