The wedding faux pa that left this guest in tears has the internet divided

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Thursday, 22 June 2017, 2:04PM
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The seating plan is one of the trickiest tasks of any wedding, and can quickly leave a disappointed guest feeling unhappy with the bride and groom on their big day. 

One woman highlighted the delicacy of the situation when she took to Mumsnet to complain about the wedding of her long-term partner's brother last weekend, the Daily Mail reports. 

The woman described how she stormed off in tears after she discovered she had been relegated to a table full of strangers in a separate room to the bride and groom.

While dozens agreed she was right to be hurt, others argued the woman was "kicking up a stink" and "overreacting" about the situation. 

Writing on the online forum, the woman explained her partner was best man and so was sat on the top table with the bride and groom. 

As she has been with her partner for 12 years, and is a close friend of the groom's cousin, she had been expecting to be sat with members of the family. However, when she checked the seating plan she discovered this was not the case and she had been placed on table 10 - in a separate room to the family and wedding party.

She wrote: "All the antidepressants, beta blockers and meditation that got me dressed and functioning failed and the tears started ... Had to scurry off upstairs to our room to calm down."

While the situation was later resolved with the help of the groom's cousin, the woman said she "couldn't get it out of her head", and asked: "I'm being totally irrational and shouldn't have been seated with extended family?"

Dozens of users were quick to respond with messages of support. Many pointed out the length of her relationship meant she was effectively the groom's sister-in-law. 

One posted: "So, because you and your DP are not married they treated you like a random GF of five minutes? That's so rude. It says far more about them than it does you."

Another agreed: "A12-yearr relationship is hardly 'plus one' territory."

A third added: "To have you in a different room is pretty s*****y. To seat you with a lot of total strangers even more so if they are aware of your anxiety/depression."

Others pointed to the long-term effect it could have on her relationship with her in-laws. One wrote: "These people are not your Family.. they have made that pretty clear."

However, others argued the woman had overreacted in the situation. One posted: "Does it really matter? Most of us get sick to death with our spouse and are more than happy to be seated at things with a bunch of strangers, chance to make new friends etc."

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Another said she had lost sight over who the day was really about, writing: "The day wasn't about her, it was about two people getting married. She could have grinned and beared it for a couple of hours rather than kicking up a stink."

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.