This bizarre audio illusion has gone viral and is leaving people completely baffled

It's been a couple of years since the world was introduced to 'Yanny or Laurel', the bizarre audio illusion that left the internet completely divided.

But now there's a new clip everyone is talking about.

A video posted to Facebook shows a strange voice saying the same word.

Some seem to hear "green needle", while others perceive it as "brainstorm".

The most baffling part?

Some people can hear both words - depending on whichever word you read or simply even think of.

It's also possible for some to hear an amalgamation of both words, such as "brain needle" or "green storm."

So what's the correct answer?

According to Huffington Post, the video in question comes from a kids show and the name of the toy is revealed to be... "Brainstorm."

What do you hear?