This Peppa Pig birthday cake is the most hilarious fail we've ever seen!

Publish Date
Thursday, 9 November 2017, 1:58PM

We've seen some pretty hilarious fails over the years - but this one takes the 'cake'.

When Karen Moroney ordered a Peppa Pig birthday cake for her daughter's second birthday she was expecting a pretty pink dessert featuring her child's favourite cartoon character.

“They asked me to bring in the image I wanted on the cake on a memory stick and they would scan it on to the cake", Karen explained.

“So I did.

"The Peppa Pig picture was the only file on the USB".

But when Karen picked up the cake, she didn't quite get what she was looking for...

Instead of Peppa, the bakery had misunderstood and had put a photo of the USB key on the cake.

Big time fail!

Thankfully, they were able to save the cake just in time for the party.