Unbelievable moment groom checks phone as his bride walks down the aisle goes viral

A couple's wedding day is meant to be one of the happiest days of their lives.

When two become one every groom reacts differently when their loved one walk down the aisle. But one groom had a rather odd reaction, to say the least, and viewers on social media are calling for a divorce.

Earlier this month, in honour of their anniversary, Taylor Loren posted a video on TikTok which showed her husband's reaction to her walking down the aisle.


husband of the year 😂 (yes I walked down the aisle to Kanye, RIP KIMYE) ##weddingtiktok ##marriage

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In the video, captioned "Husband of the year," Loren wrote: "four years ago today I walked down the aisle to marry the love of my life. It was one of the most important and emotional moments of our life and my husband did the most romantic thing ..."

"He checked his freaking phone."

The TikTok has been viewed over two million times, with commenters divided on whether the video is funny or suspicious.

Some viewers understood where the groom was coming from, saying it possibly was a "nervous reaction" or that his vows were written on his phone.


Reply to @kingchelle1111 I mean they’re not wrong 💀 ⚰️

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"I do that when I'm nervous. I always pull my phone out," a viewer commented.

"Vows are probably on his phone. Chill," another commented.

While others just saw the whole thing as "suspicious".

"I'd turn around and walk away," one person commented.

"Wedding cancelled," another wrote, to which someone else simply agreed, writing "divorce".

In a second video posted to TikTok, Loren asked her husband why he checked his phone while she was walking down the aisle.


Reply to @ajbarnhardt honestly we’ll never really know... ##weddingtiktok ##crypto

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"Babe, TikTok wants to know why you were checking your phone while I was walking down the aisle," Loren asks her husband.

His answers was pretty straight and simple: "Because crypto [currency] never sleeps,".

"I would've turned around," one TikTok users commented.

"Why do you even have your phone on you during your vows anyway," one viewer asked.

Fortunately this little bump in the road didn't ruin the couple's special day, with Loren confirming her hubby was just nervous and that his vows were on his phone but agrees it wasn't the time to check them.

"He did have his vows on his phone but he didn't need to pull them up at that moment," she commented.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.