Mum Breaks Down At Work When Her Soldier Son Surprises Her

Publish Date
Wednesday, 25 November 2015, 11:46AM

Sgt. Kelvin Munoz had been away from his loved ones for almost a year. He decided to keep his return home a secret in order to surprise his mom.

In fact, his mother was under the impression her son wouldn’t be coming home from Afghanistan anytime soon. That’s probably why she completely lost it when Munoz showed up to her job.

The minute Jeanette Carrero spotted her son walk toward her cash register at Sam’s Club in Butler, PA, she broke down in tears. Lots of shoppers even stopped to stare and applauded the heartwarming reunion.

It was clear that Carrero was taken by complete surprise. “My heart is just jumping inside of me right now,” she told WTAE-TV Pittsburgh. “I mean, I can’t explain it.”

The best part? Sgt. Munoz was back home permanently.

“It’s been a while,” Munoz said. “I’ve missed everybody.”