Riverdale's KJ Apa teaching Kiwi slang goes viral overseas!

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Thursday, 18 October 2018, 10:24AM

KJ Apa may have shot to fame internationally thanks to his role on the hit series 'Riverdale', but he's still a Kiwi at heart. 

In a new video for Vanity Fair, the former 'Shortland Street' star has attempted to teach the internet some New Zealand slang words - and it has already gone viral. 

Explaining the meaning of words from bro and munted, to bugger and keen, the 21-year-old revealed "chur" is the word he uses the most. 

"You always say it with a smile on your face. Every time you hear it, it pretty much gives you a smile, so, chur."

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The young star also admits he's had to leave the phrase "mean as" behind since moving to America. 

Before he begins his break down of our classic slang, KJ can be heard saying: "I'm from New Zealand. I'm going to be going through with you guys some New Zealand slang. I'm just going to hope some of these words are right."

The words in the video were picked out by the Vanity Fair team, who are of course American. So what do you think? Are they all slang words that we use?