Ryan Reynolds' stars as Pikachu in new flick and we can't decide if it's weird or cute

Publish Date
Tuesday, 13 November 2018, 2:30PM

The first trailer for the new Pokémon: Detective Pikachu movie has been unveiled … and we can’t decide if it’s completely weird or really cute!

The film stars Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds as an adorable fluffy yellow Pikachu who happens to also be a world-renowned detective.

Pikachu is determined to help out Tim – played by actor Justice Smith – find his missing father.

The trailer for the live-action flick, directed by Rob Letter (Goosebumps), had fans both delighted and confused.

"This looks so weird but I’ll still watch it," one person commented on YouTube.

Another added, "Ryan Reynolds playing a yellow electric mouse is the weirdest thing I’ve seen. And I love it!"

"How much cute is Pikachu?!" another wrote.

Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to talk about his new role, writing: "I think we all know I'd wind up as a miniature detective repeatedly saying the same two words. Just didn't think it'd be this soon. #PikaPika."

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is set to be released in May 2019.