The "Honest Trailer" for A Star Is Born has dropped and it is hilariously savage!

It was only a matter of time before A Star Is Born got the "Honest Trailer" treatment ... and finally, that time has come.

Following a rough week at the Oscars - where the film didn't take home Best Picture or, indeed, most of the Oscars it was nominated for - YouTube channel Screen Junkies has now hilariously ripped the film apart for everything from its plot to its "uncomfortable amount of face-touching".

Six things you never knew about 'A Star Is Born’ ...
Lady Gaga surprises audience by bringing Bradley Cooper on stage to sing 'Shallow' live in Vegas!

– something unheard of.

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While it's a beautiful film and one that we all admit to crying over, the "Honest Trailer" also points out how A Star Is Born is, essentially, just a ripoff of Crazy Heart; with Bradley Cooper basically just playing Bad Blake from Crazy Heart and directing the movie to be … well, Crazy Heart.

"It’s like a ripoff of a ripoff that's also a remake of a remake of a remake," the narrator can be heard saying.

The video also pokes fun at the A Star Is Born soundtrack, rewriting the lyrics to both 'Maybe It’s Time' and 'Shallow'.