Watch: NZ School Girl Creates Bachelorette Parody Video On Her Quest For A Ball Date

Publish Date
Tuesday, 17 May 2016, 9:06AM

With the announcement of The Bachelorette NZ getting the green light, there has been a lot of speculation as to who will be the lucky Bachelorette.

But school girl Maggie Bolina may have taken the cake with this video piss-take!

She posted the video to her personal Facebook page last night and it's going viral.

The video includes a commentary of herself, what she's looking for, snippets of her talking about past heartbreaks and life struggles, interspersed with pictures of her face Photoshopped onto celebrities, posing with her "boyfriend" singer Jason Derulo and also includes flashbacks of when she appeared on The Ellen Show (she didn't actually). Maggie also boasts a huge mansion that she "lives" in.

And while the video was just for fun, Bolina has every intention of giving out that fateful final rose.

"I am genuinely looking for a ball partner. I just wanted to find a different way of finding one and have a bit of fun as well," she says.

"The plan is to give them a series of questions and then choose the winner of the final rose based on that. The ball is on July 29, I've told people I'll choose by June 22 but some people don't want it that late so we'll see."

Watch the video for the full effect, it's genius!