Watch: Sisters Fly Overseas To Meet Long-Lost Sister But She's On The Plane The Entire Time

Publish Date
Tuesday, 9 August 2016, 3:32PM

Lynn Garner and Ann Burrage decided to test their DNA with as they were curious about whether they had any unknown relations.

It turned out that Ann and Lynn’s father was an American GI stationed in Britain during World War II, and their father had an affair with another woman.

This resulted in a child by the name of Mandy, who had also decided to take an DNA test because she knew she had been adopted. got involved to help reunite the sisters, with a surprise they weren't expecting.

The two sisters were told they were flying overseas to Britain to meet Mandy for the first time. What they didn't know was that Mandy was already in Texas, on the same flight as them!


Even the air hostesses were on board with the surprise.

Watch the beautiful moment unfold (the surprise happens after 2:36s).