Woman shocks with unbelievable makeup transformation making her look like a completely different person

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Monday, 6 August 2018, 2:24PM

Using the latest makeup gadgets and techniques, a woman in China has taken to the internet to show off her jaw-dropping transformation skills.

In the video, Qi Huahua can be seen applying tape to her cheeks and a prosthetic nose to make her features more prominent as the newest "sculpture" makeup trend sweeps parts of East Asia.

At the end of the video, she was completely unrecognisable.

At first, the woman applies several different kinds of lotions and creams to moisturise and prime her face.

Then, after putting on foundation, eyebrow powder, eyeshadow, coloured-contact lenses, double eyelid tape and fake eyelashes, she begins the process of "creating" new features.

She placed two pieces of tape on both sides of her jaw for a slimmer face, followed by a fake nose for a more defined bridge.

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She even covered her neck, arms and shoulders with a white cream, leaving her a few shades lighter, a feature that's highly preferred in Asia.

The video then proceeds to her taking off her make-up, confirming that it had been the same person all along before she ends the video with a sheepish grin.

And of course, the internet was in disbelief!

"Nowadays, date in the ain is a MUST," wrote one person.

Another added: "To all the men, I advise you all to take your new lady on a date to the swimming pool. If she says she can't swim then 'accidentally' splash water in her face. If her nose, eyelashes and other facial parts fall off then run."

"I can't even cover a pimple on my face. What kind of sorcery is this?" said a third.

"How are they 2 different people but also the same person?!" replied a shocked user.


This article was first published on dailymail.co.uk and is republished here with permission.