Young Boy Battles Hiccups To Finish Australian Anthem

Publish Date
Monday, 23 November 2015, 10:55AM

A young Australian boy is being praised for his valiant effort, powering through the Australian national anthem despite suffering from hiccups.

Ethan Hall, a 7-year-old from Adelaide, performed Advance Australia Fair before an Australian Baseball League game on Saturday.

But he could barely get a start, hiccupping during the first verse and continuing throughout the rest of the anthem.

Ethan finished the song and received a round of applause and even high-fives from some of the players.

"Absolutely priceless," said one of the commentators. "The old adage is 'The show must go on' and what a lot of courage from the youngster. I mean, he could have completely fallen apart."

"That's the best I've seen all year and I don't think anything will top it," quipped the other commentator. "Absolutely fantastic job there."

Supporters have taken to social media, calling young Ethan a "legend" and a "champion" for finishing the song despite struggling.

Source- NZ Herald